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IEWorks is dedicated to strengthening the water/wastewater workforce in the Inland Empire. With substantial funding from the US Department of Education and the CA High Road Training Partnership, IEWorks partners with Bay Area-based JVS and BAYWORK to leverage their success and best practices. 

What is IEWorks?

The operational reliability of water and wastewater utilities depends on having both sufficient staffing in mission critical classifications and staff who are sufficiently prepared to do the work. The result is BAYWORK which was established in 2009. IEWorks is an expansion of BAYWORK and looks to recreate simliar conceptual framework in the Inland Empire.


When did IEWorks start?

IEWorks began development in late 2020 and is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Who are the members of IEWorks?

West Valley Water District is one of the founding agencies which helped found IEWorks. As a result, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District and Inland Empire Utilities Agency have since joined the founding agencies. For an updated list, visit Signatory Agencies.

How does my agency/organization become a IEWorks Signatory?

To become a Signatory member go to the Contact page and submit an inquiry.

How much does it cost to become a Signatory member?
To become an IEWorks Signatory member, there is an annual fee based on the number of your agency’s full-time equivalent employees (FTE.) For more information contact Scott Goodell.
What are the expectations of Signatories once they become IEWorks members?
Each agency is asked to send one or more representatives to our leadership meeting. Agencies are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one IEWorks committee or work group. Member agencies pay annual fees based on their number of employees. We also encourage in-kind contributions from member agencies, such as providing meeting space, producing flyers, providing instructors or presenters at IEWorks events.