About Us

IEWorks is dedicated to strengthening the water/wastewater workforce in the Inland Empire. With substantial funding from the US Department of Education and the CA High Road Training Partnership, IEWorks partners with Bay Area-based JVS and BAYWORK to leverage their success and best practices. 

IEWorks will increase the number of highly qualified candidates for mission-critical positions in the water/wastewater industry, while ensuring economic equity across the Inland Empire. IEWorks will develop a diverse talent pipeline through apprenticeship, internship and career awareness opportunities. 

Our Mission

Inland Empire Works (IEWorks) is devoted to strengthening the water/wastewater workforce by creating equitable pathways to water/wastewater careers. In collaboration with community partners and water agencies, IEWorks aspires to train and employ future water professionals.

Our Goals

Regional Training Workforce Consortium

Build a regional training workforce consortium that includes water/wastewater agencies, labor, educational institutions, and community organizations. 

High-Quality Training

Deliver high-quality training leading to in-demand jobs in maintenance and operations (ex. Water Operators), using proven models like apprenticeship, internship and career awareness. 

Economic Equity

Address economic equity by prioritizing workers in communities where there is a disproportionate burden of income and environmental inequality including women, workers from the Black and Latinx communities, transition age youth, and those re-entering the workforce.