That Flag Isn’t the Issue

Some hope the removal of this flag will fix racism. But I don’t believe it will work. The Confederate flag is not an agent of change. We want change, right?…

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Hanna with her mother

A Mother and Her Child

A mom watches her child suffer—impending death lurks around the corner. Her child struggles to breathe. A friend stands nearby, giving support.  Memories blast through her mind—birth, first tooth, first…

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Kristina Blog Post

Tumors Shrunk! Most Are Gone! (And Other Cool Stuff)

So many amazing things have happened in the last few months! I’d like to share a few with you… GUESS WHAT?!                 Many…

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Cover with girl

Operation Cover Peru a Success!

Imagine living at 14,000 feet elevation with little to keep you warm at night during the blisteringly cold winters. Oh, and you’re 4-years-old. Or, 74-years-old. And you haven’t heard about…

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matt 1

Join My Live Online Event & Help More Kids in Houston Hear the Gospel!

I want to hang out with you online! But let me tell you something first… If you were to ask Matt Cline what his dominant spiritual gift is, he would…

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Elbert Wood

Elbert Wood: The Center of a City

“Don’t fire until our tanks fire first!” The year was 1944, and Elbert Wood was a fighting Marine in a massive standoff with the Japanese army at Bougainville Canal. The…

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Mark Cornelison and son Chism

The Biggest Loser Who Gained the Most

Season 13 of The Biggest Loser included two guys I know: Mark and Chism Cornelison. Mark and his family recently shared with me the most incredible, behind-the-scenes story of what…

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27 Years Ago Today, 7 People Lost Their Lives in Mission

UPCOMING INSPIRING STORY: NBC’s The Biggest Loser contestant shares his incredible story of God’s love expressed to other contestants and crew! IE will bring you this heart-warming story later this…

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rusty nail

What is the Cost of Evangelism? (Throwback Week!)

This week, I’m reposting from a year ago. So for those of you who are new (which are many of you), you can catch glimpse of previous posts. Go check…

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cosmic rays

The Incarnation: A Short Story about the Creator becoming the Creation from an Angel’s Point-of-view

The Incarnation: A Short Story about the Creator becoming the Creation from an Angel’s Point-of-view by J. Chad Barrett — © J. Chad Barrett 2012 Cosmic rays from swirling suns…

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