Jen Midday Show

IE Works THRIVE Event: Skydive with a DJ!

Some of you know, or may not know, that I enjoy jumping out of airplanes. A lot. Just wanted to offer you guys something cool: If this has been on…

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When Pain is Bigger than My Faith

Sometimes the pain is bigger than my faith. I’ve heard some people say, “You just need more faith.” While they mean well, this would be quite an exercise of futility…

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Jason Yanko

What Is a Hero?

What Exactly is a Hero? Who can be one? A real one? What is real bravery? Do we really celebrate those who are worthy to be called “heroes”? ……………… Jason…

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That Flag Isn’t the Issue

Some hope the removal of this flag will fix racism. But I don’t believe it will work. The Confederate flag is not an agent of change. We want change, right?…

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Subscribers Only

For My Subscribers Only

In 2012, my wife, Melissa, and I wrote a short book of things we’re experiencing and learning on this journey of suffering and peace. That book is called When She…

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Brave Kristina

Hard Thoughts of a Grieving Dad

My family is in the One-year Season of Remembering our daughter, Kristina. One year ago today she was in severe pain and decline; the cancer had spread, and death was…

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Kim Wier

My Interview on KSBJ, Houston’s Christian Radio

Sharing our story is therapy for me. It’s not easy, but I feel better afterwards. Kim Wier, author, speaker, and host of KSBJ’s Sunday Night Live, asked to interview me…

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600 hoodie

She Prayed to See His Power, and Then…

Think about your prayers… Most of our prayers tend to be something along the lines of, “God make my life smooth today.” And why not? We don’t want any potholes,…

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FREE! Thrive. Not Just Survive: A 12-week Book of Quotes

About 1 year ago, I stopped blogging. Our daughter, Kristina, began to decline quickly. She passed away on June 21, 2014, after a 4-year battle with the rare Clear Cell…

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Hanna with her mother

A Mother and Her Child

A mom watches her child suffer—impending death lurks around the corner. Her child struggles to breathe. A friend stands nearby, giving support.  Memories blast through her mind—birth, first tooth, first…

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